FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How can I order an airport taxi?

You can book via SMS, via Whatsapp/Viber or just call us at: +436606000730 or use our Online-Formular. (from Airport or to Airport)

2. How long do I have to book in advance?

For trip between 6AM and 10PM, book at least 2 hours earlier. Trips between 10 PM and 6 AM atleast 8 hours eariler.

3. How can I pay?

We accept all types of cards, and cash. Payment is done to the driver.

4. Does the price depend on the number of passengers or on the vehicle?

Price is dependant mainly of the type of vehicle assigned for the trip. So up to 3 passengers are paying same price as one.

5. Which vehicles can I choose?

Limousine – Three passengers maximum 2 coffers and 3Pcs handbaggage.
Combi – Three to Four passengers 4 coffers and 4 Pcs. handbaggage.
Van – Four to Eight passengers 8 coffers and 8 Pcs. handbaggage.

6. How do I find my driver?

Your chauffeur will pick you up at your chosen address.

If you are picked up by the hotel, our driver will ask for you at the reception. Please stay close.

7. Where do I meet with my driver after landing?

Your chauffeur is waiting for you, right in the arrivals hall, in front of the airport information desk with your name sign. Vienna airport have one info desk for arrivals. It’s on terminal 3, on ground floor, so you can’t miss it.

8. What happens when I cannot find my driver

That will never happen. If by any chance it does, please call us +436606000730 and our experienced staff will help you.

9. What happens when my plane is late(delayed)?

We will not charge you any additional costs for flight delays, because it’s not your mistake. We will check your new arrival time and pick you up at the right time at the airport.

10. Can I bring a pet?

Pets are allowed only, in for them specified, box. 15 euros fee will be charged.

11. Can I get a refund?

If you would like to change details about your trip, or to cancel it, please call us atleast 2 hours earlier. +436606000730
If you do not cancel it in time, we will have to charge you the full price.

Info about price

We know that there are other low-cost carriers in the industry that are trying to get to clients by offering transfers at much lower costs. Please keep in mind, however, the following: The vehicles used must comply with all legal requirements A TX – for a taxi or MW – for car hire in Vienna at the end of the license plate are entitled to the transport of the passengers for a fee, properly licensed and, of course, also provided with appropriate insurance cover. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common for fast, premature price guarantees to be given, by private vehicles which can not be distinguished by the customer from a properly operated taxi or car rental company, with unqualified drivers and old, already extensive vehicle material for low-cost journeys.

We hope we helped you in choice of company, and have drawn attention to some not so insignificant points. We are at your disposal from 3M Airport Taxi for further questions! Benefit from our quality and performance.